Batman (2022)

Image from IMDb

This is probably one of the best movies I have watched at the beginning of this year. Even though a superhero movie is not really considered an art film. However, this movie is just too beautiful, I and my friend have praised the movie for being too beautiful so many times to our friends. But this movie can be a bit bored for anyone who cannot stay in one place for a 3-hour movie.
As I told you that this film can be considered an art film, the colors of this film are very well adjusted, and the colors that need to pop will come out at the right time, in the right situation. The color theme of the whole movie is black and red so for scenes with red, that red color stands out but makes perfect sense for the situation.
The cinematography is top because each frame is so beautiful, I thought if you pause suddenly, you can still have a pretty picture for your phone. The editing also needs to be praised because, without editing, we cannot see all the smooth transitions from scene to scene.
The plot of this movie will probably be a bit bored to some of you who like action, this movie is more about solving the puzzle in the movie. If you are a fan of Batman, I am sure that you will not be disappointed when you watch this, or even if you are not a fan, I think it is worth trying and watching it.

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