Belle (2021)

Poster from IMDb

Just a couple of days ago, I and my friend went to watch Belle (2021), directed by Mamoru Hosoda. This movie has left me with a pretty good impression, not only because of the care in the graphics, but also the sound is carefully invested.

If you have watched Summer Wars also directed by Mamoru Hosoda, you would probably like this movie. The reason is that Belle has a similar vibe to Summer Wars, everything is also surrounding the virtual world, where everyone has their own identity. The virtual world in Belle is massive which impresses me a lot at how the movie can show how big the virtual world can be. Belle has a good transition between 2D and 3D graphic which make the movie look smooth and does not feel awkward when watching. But what impress me most is the music, not only in Japanese but when I listen to the songs in English, it without doubt, very ear-catching.

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