Encanto (2021)

Image from Disney

I think most people today are probably familiar with this Disney animated “Encanto” that was released not too long ago. Because of the popularity of the music, yesterday, to answer my curiosity, I watched this movie.
This movie, like so many other Disney movies, is a world full of color and magic, and so is Encanto, a magical land where the Madrigal family is endowed with miracles to protect and help people. people in the area.
As a Disney movie, I am of course very much looking forward to seeing a meal of color and light that is truly epic, and does not exceed my expectations, from the images to the colors and lighting in the film. very beautiful and shows the moments that the filmmaker wants the audience to feel.
The music in this movie is like a treat for the ears. Not only the melody is good but also very meaningful. I am also very impressed with the song “We don’t talk about Bruno” in many languages ​​(you should listen to it) the transition through languages ​​​​with a person who only knows 2 languages ​​like me, I can see the difference. transitions are very smooth.
The plot of the film, like many other Disney movies of a family love film, “Encanto” is also a movie that solves the hidden problems in the Madrigal family itself. Although I feel that dealing with relationships in the movie seems bland or is it because I’m an adult that I expect more?
I think you should give “Encanto” a try too and let me know what you think about it! Oh I almost forgot, I think that when you’ve seen a movie made for kids, I think we should go back to being kids too to better immerse ourselves in the movie.

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