Hilda (Season 1)


Hilda is a Netflix animated series introduced to me not too long ago by a friend of mine. If you’ve seen other animated movies like Gravity Falls or Steven Universe, I can guarantee you’ll love this one.
Hilda is an animated series about a girl named Hilda and follows her to make new friends and have interesting adventures. With a cute and family cartoon like Hilda, not only teenagers but also adults can enjoy this movie.
The drawing of this film is very beautiful and cute, as well as very detailed. My friends and I have to say “oh that’s cute” countless times because even when drawing the character from a far point of view, it’s still quite detailed. The colors in the film are a bit pastel, so it makes me feel that the film brings a very gentle and emotional feeling.
Although I don’t have any songs in the movie that I really like, all the songs used are very suitable for the character’s situation and situation.
If you haven’t seen it yet, watch Hilda now, because cartoons can also be for big kids like us. I assure you that the cartoon is very suitable for you to relax after a stressful working week.

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