Body Shaming

Body shaming is considered a social problem today. With social standards due to images from models and idols, a large part of them have become inferior to their bodies. The story would have nothing to say if recently, at the Oscars, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock for body-shaming Will’s wife. I see that a lot of people support Chris Rock because Chris is a comedian himself, so joking is inevitable. Of course, I do not support the use of violence because everything can be solved in a different way than using violence. But I also don’t feel pleased when people take lightly body shaming someone with alopecia areata. Hair loss syndrome may not be so serious that it is life-threatening, but for a woman, of course, she will not be happy to be compared to everyone because of her hair loss. shaved head. I knew for sure that Chris Rock’s joke was actually a good one because the person Chris Rock compared was G.I. Jane, a brave woman. But no matter what, I still feel that body-shaming is not advisable even though the joke may be harmless.

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