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Body Shaming

Body shaming is considered a big social problem today. Nowadays, if you start to judge a person about their body, you would get critic pretty harshly. Following social standards has ingrained deep inside our subconscious, so it is hard for anyone to get out of social norms. A few years ago, it started the trend to love your own body and self, and more people start to embrace the differences in each body shape. However, it is hard to erase the social standards due to images from models and idols, especially Kpop idols, the industry where many idols have to lose weight and keep fit in an unhealthy way. It also influences the audience because they would love to have a body that is beautiful as their idol. It is not a new trend on social media but a year ago, at the Oscars, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock for body-shaming Will’s wife. Social media see that a lot of people support Chris Rock because Chris is a comedian himself, so joking is inevitable. Of course, not everyone supports the use of violence but they also don’t feel pleased when people take lightly body shaming someone with alopecia areata. But no matter what, I still feel that body-shaming is not advisable even though the joke may be harmless. However, I can see some of the brands are trying to change for example The Parade, a lingerie brand has marketed its brand by having models with a different types of bodies and colors, which got a lot of praise from the customers who have got used to seeing same body type models for lingerie for some famous brand such as Victoria’s Secret.

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